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Dear Ms Anna and Ms Dimitra….!   Would you like to come to our Pitzama Party, on Saturday at 18:00 o' clock on Pizza Roma????????   Bring your teddy bears, biscuits,crisps, juice, and WEAR PITZAMAAS!!!!!!!!!             HELEN    HAIDO    HELEN  

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A different invitation!!!

Dear Alkis I invite you to my space party!! it will take place in space It starts on Sunday at 11 o' clock It will have lightblades, Luke Skywalker, spaceships and some space-pizza!!! Don't forget to bring your lightblade         I will wait for you!!!

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Dear Maria, You' re invited to Panagiota' s party on Friday at 6:00 at my house. There will be great music, lots of food, drink, fun and a moviefor you to see. l hope you came!!                                                                Panagiota

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Dear people, We are going to call you at our birthday party!!! It will be in ILIAS house, in Kalamaria, in Keramopoulou street 25. It will start  at 6 o'clock. At the party there will be clowns. At the party we will play board and computer games and we will all sing and dance.   [...]

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How can I save our planet?

   To save our planet I don't use much water to clean my teeth and have a shower! I don't drop litter when I go to the beach or on the beach! I don't leave the T.V. on, when I go out of home!!! I use my bike or buses to go from a pleace [...]

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How can we save our planet?

To save our planet we can…           1. recycle paper, glass and plastic      2. save water 3. don't leave the TV on 4. reuse plastic bags 5. reuse books and notebooks 6. make toys and other things from rubbish 7. use our bikes and means of transport instead of a car   If everyone did the same our              Panagiota planet [...]

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Way to save our planet

When I am at home I do lot of things to save our planet. When I don't need my drinking water I use it to water the plants. I use recharable batteries, and then I put them to the special bins. I use mostly glass bottle and not plastic. I reuse plastic bags. I go [...]

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How I can save the planet????

   I do lots of things to save energy at home. I always turn off the TV when I leave the house and I never turn on the lights in my bedroom when I'm not in my room.I never turn on the computer when I'm not using it. To help the environment I recycle paper and aluminium. [...]

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To save our planet …..

To save our planet I do a lot of thinks. I always switch off the lights when I'm not in my room. I never leave the TV on, then I'm not at home and I sometimes the water which I don't need I use it to water the plats. I recycle paper, plastic, glass and [...]

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