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My new house

  Hi Dimitra, How are you? I am in a new house. It is wonderful. The new house is very big. It has 3 floors. On the first floor there are four bedrooms , a huge kitchen, a bathroom and a family room. On the second floor there are two living rooms, a dining room [...]

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My new house

Hi Nikol, How are you? I'm in my new house. It's great! The house is very big. It's got nine rooms.  There are two living- rooms,  two kitchens, four bedrooms and one basement. In the living- rooms there are two televisions. In the kitchens there are fridges. In the bedrooms there are four beds. In [...]

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My new house.

  Hi Myrto, How are you? I'm in my new house. It's great! The house is big. It has got 10 rooms. There are 2 kitchens,3 toilets, 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms and an attic. In the living room there are two sofas, a table, a TV and pictures on the wall. In the kitchen [...]

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My favourite animal!

My favourite animal is the dolphin! It's beautiful. It has got a tail. It is big, it can swim and jump. It's very clever! Dolphins are very funny!        Anatoli  

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my favourite animal

My favourite animal is a fish. I've got two fish. They've got a small body. They can swim and eat. They're very  beautiful but they are a little dirty. George         my fish (mp3)

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My pet

I' ve got a cat. His name is Silvestro.  Silvestro is a beautiful cat with soft, white fur and two small blue eyes. He can jump very high and run very fast. Silvestro likes playing with a small yellow ball. I must feed him everyday. He eats fish and bread and he drinks milk and [...]

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My robot:)

My robot is a boy and his name is Tobor. His color is white and turquoise. Tobor is very tall, strong and clever. He can read people's mind, disappear, teleport and help me and my family with every problem we have. He goes to the supermarket and he also cooks, so that my mother can [...]

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My robot!!!!

 My robot's name is Tin! It's fantastic!!!!! He is very clever!   He can sing and dance! He can fly!   He can read, do my homework, write, paint and water ski, too! He can help my mum and he can cook, but he can't jump!        Anatoli          

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My robot

My robot's name is Robotiger. He has got two heads, four legs and three hands. He can fly and jump. He can dance too but he can't water ski or paint. My robot is a little ugly but I love it!!!! George

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My robot

My robot's name is Tsiklipaf. She is very clever and she can do my homework. She can speak 5 languages. She can sing very well, but she can't dance.  My mum loves my robot because Tsiklipaf does the housework and helps her with the beds, the cooking and washing the dishes. My sister loves her because [...]

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