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My fun restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My fun restaurant is orange. It has twenty tables and  eighty  chairs.   My fun restaurant  is a nice place to eat.   HAIDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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Fun/Strange restaurant!

My restaurant is COOL!!!! It has got purple tables and black chairs!!!!  On the tables there are  TVSand flowers!!!!  There are pink walls!!!! On the walls there are many and BIG posters!!!! There is a ceiling!!!!On the ceiling there is a DISCO ball!!!! Anatoli

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My strange restaurant!!!!

        My restaurant is very strange.         My strange restaurant is in a spacecraft.         You wear space clothes and  you go into the spacecraft.         In the spacecraft  there are small  tables.        On  the tables  there is  lots of  strange food.        You sit down and try.   Mary. S                                      

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My fantastic restaurant

This is dinner in the train restaurant. There are small tables and big chairs but there aren't any waiters. There isn't a roof and there isn't music but there are lots of drinks George    

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Zauo, a super-fun restaurant :)

The Japanese Restaurant Where You Catch Your Own Fish and then you tell them how you want it prepared…!                                                                           [...]

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