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Α Christmas story!!!!!!!!!!

Once upon a time, there was a poor, poor girl.She was selling maches! One day the maches disapeared because somebody stoll them for her.  Then she fainted!!  People were running to help her. Finally she woke up in a worm place. She was in a very rich house.     By Elena and Maria S. [...]

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Once upon  a time  there was a boy who didn't believe in the Christmas  spirit.  But  one  day  the boy  got lost  in the forest.There nobody helped him.The boy was very scared and hungry!!! There was a tree with fruits and  ate all them.There was a path and  he went back home.He understood that all  [...]

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Super Santa was sleeping.Driiiiiing!The alarm hit and super santa woke up scared.His woman made breakfast and super santa ate his breakfast and he ran in the bathroom.Then a bad person wanted to destroy the world.The super santa hit the bad person.The bad jumped on the window and…..PAF!!! POUF!!!And the ward started.The super santa won! the [...]

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Christmas story!!!

Once upon a time there was a family and they were going for a walk.   Suddenly, the car ran out of gas. It was 25 December!!!!! Dad was angry and said ???????????????    Three spirits were coming and shouted to dad!!!!!   The spirits forgave dad and gave gas to the car.   The dad was [...]

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Once upon time there was a small girl, but   at Chrismas eve she didn't take any presents  from Santa Claus so she was very angry.   Santa Claus' rendeers were sick… TO BE CONTIUED..    Panagiota     

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A Christmas story!

Once upon a time there was a little girl. Her name was Nikol. All her family believed in Christmas, but she didn't. Nikol lived in a small house in the woods.  At Christmas Eve all her family was celebrating, but she was in her room looking out of her window. Suddenly, she heard  a knock [...]

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Christmas Story!

   Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl who were brother and sister. Their parents told them to write a letter to Santa Claus to take it to the post tomorrow. So his dad took the present to the post and ……    To be continued

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I like Hanoi very much!!

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Anonymous fairy tale!!!

Once upon a time  there were two animals. A spider and a cockroach. They were in a relationship  and they lived in a rich house. One day in this rich house came a very rich family. When the spider came back from the work  it saw a girl shouting. AAAAAAA!The girl shouted!The spider ran up [...]

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My fairy tale!!!

Once upon a time there were two animals!!!  There was a rabbit and a turtle. Their houses were very small ,but they didn' t care. Every day they got up early and the turtle went to the rabbit's house and drunk a coffee!!! Every Saturday they went to the beach and one day they got [...]

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